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FSX Multiplayer without GameSpy  

FSX multiplayer connection service with GameSpy was shut down on December 6, 2012. It's official - GameSpy will no longer support FSX.

Microsoft Flight Simulator X players can still connect to FSX multiplayer sessions using the DIRECT CONNECT method. To learn more about Direct Connect, read the RealFsx Guide & watch this video.

RealFsx Checklist  

Flight Simulator X installed
✓ FSX SP1 & SP2 or Accel installed
✓ Have a functioning microphone
✓ Read RealFsx guide - view
✓ Read RealFsx server info - view
✓ Read RealFsx rules - view

Gliders & default F-18s are automatically removed


Each week on Thursday & Saturday

Full Tower
Thursdays @ 5pm - 8pm EDT
Multiple controllers at one airport

Crowded Skies
Saturdays @ 5pm - 8pm EDT
Controllers at multiple airports

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